Monday, October 21, 2019
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2016 Memo Gidley Aluminos Shifter Kart for sale

2016 Aluminos Sonoma 125 Shifter Kart 
Memo Gidley

Chassis Type: 
2016 Aluminos Sonoma 32mm- approximately 10hrs  on this chassis.

pplications: The Aluminos Sonoma chassis is a 32mm tube chassis designed for 125cc shifter racing in the U.S! These chassis are built specifically for your Honda CR125 or KZ 6 speed shifter engine packages. 
Engine: We are advertising this kart as it sits, a roller, no engine. If you would like us to complete the kart with engine and radiator, just let us know!
Bodywork: NA 2 in Black with Memo Gidley Graphics
Brake System: VEN05 Ceramic Brakes front and rear.
Axle: 50mm Aluminos rear axle
Wheels: Factory Magnesium Wheels-black
Seat: Kartspeed Motorsports used Karts come with fiberglass racing seats to fit the new owner. Want a custom seat? We are a Dealer for Tillet, IMAF and KG Racing Seats. We have un-padded, 1/4-pad and fully padded versions are available in sizes kid small through XXXL which fits drivers up to 280lbs!!

Special Features: Adjustable Front spindles, adjustable ride height, Sniper front end geometry allows for separate castor and camber positioning, extremely sharp looking Memo Gidley graphics, magnesium heel stop, adjustable bump shifter and magnesium components throughout.
Price: $3,095.00 OBO 

Updated 12.26.18
2016 Aluminos Sonoma Shifter Kart roller
This kart was owned and driven by the professional race car driver, Memo Gidley. While Memo is racing cars, like many, he still finds time to kart in between big car races to stay sharp! 
Here is a shifter roller that is ready to go by adding your shifter engine, or we can build the kart to a complete track ready kart with a Vortex ROK Shifter engine package, or another of your choice. Final price of the completed version will depend on which engine and radiator package you choose.

OR if you prefer a brand new Aluminos, here is the pricing:
Rolling chassis with Steel VEN05 Brakes and magnesium components $6,295.00. (unassembled in the box-roller-no engine)
Rolling Chassis with Ceramic Brakes and magnesium components $7,695.00. (unassembled in the box-roller-no engine)
Engine: Honda CR125 engine package (all except for radiator) blue printed- $6,395.00
Radiators-Sized to fit your climate-prices start at $600 and run through $1,400.00
We can offer these karts as complete track ready, with either a Honda CR125Mem' Stock Moto' or KZ125 Shifter karts. Pricing for complete new karts $13,000.00-$16,000.00.


So what is Aluminos? Aluminos is a Kart Racing Team located in Sonoma, California. For many years Aluminos has offered one of the premier arrive-n-drive race programs. 
Fast forward to September 2013 and Aluminos has decided to put its years of racing and winning into their own kart line. Aluminos designed a chassis and partnered with GP and CRG to have them build the new Aluminos designed kart. So all the components are the top of the line CRG factory pieces which translates into a kart with easy to find replacement parts.
 A race winner from local SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge events all the way to Pro Shifter at the Las Vegas Supernationals! I am not sure anyone needs more reasons to purchase one, but if you do, this one is used, so its quite a bit less expensive than a brand new version! you want some more reasons to purchase this chassis? Another good reason to buy this kart, you go your own way, you don't follow the herd, you want to race on sometning out of the ordinary and you want to beat them on a new and different chassis, the Aluminos kart may be the right choice for you!

*We ship karts both Nationally and Internationally. Call us for a shipping quote. Are shipping rates are some of the lowest available due to the high volumn of new and used karts we deliver to all parts of the world. Checkout the shipping details by clicking on the button on the home page.

Sales Information

Email or call 925-372-7420 if you more photos or details.
Kartspeed Motorsports is located in Northern CA. Shipping is possible anywhere in U.S.

Well sell new and used GP’s so call us with your requirements. We have the best prices on New GPs in the U.S.!

Ask about availability of 125 and 80 shifter engines as well as 125cc TaG engine package