Monday, October 21, 2019
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Kartspeed Motorsports ships a large volume of karts both nationally and internationally. Due to the volume of our shipping, we are often able to offer rates far below our competition.  Typically karts shipped within the U.S. can travel from coast to coast for only $300.00!

*We offer two ways of shipping your kart(s) to provide both a cost effective and secure method of transport. Please read further to find out more about your choices!

*Your kart is safe. Kartspeed ships over 70 karts a year both inside and outside the United States. We know how to deal with the shipping companies and know how to get a kart delivered fast and efficiently.

*We use a professional shipping company for all kart shipments. All of our karts are insured for damage during shipping company.


This method is by far the most common for our customers. This is a very simple yet effect way to ship your kart via truck from one location to another. For the pallet shipments, the entire kart package is delivered on a commercial pallet and protected by commercial shipping wrap. There is no extra charge for pallet shipping! It's simple and easy.
*Please note, due to the exposed nature of the pallet shipping method, we accept no responsibility for any damage incurred during shipping. Damage through shipping will be the responsibility of the shipper and the customer, not Kartspeed Motorsports. All karts are shipped with insurance coverage matching the value of the purchase.

The second shipping option is to fit the kart in a purpose built shipping box, which we recommend. These are the same boxes we receive from Italy with our brand new GP and CRG's! Italian sprint racing karts are shipped in a purpose built double walled cardboard box that protects the entire kart. See the attached photos for a better look. When ordering your brand new kart, we can simply label the box and send you a shiny new racer ready for assembly in your garage. To ship via kart-box we add an additiona $150.00 to the purchase price for the cost of the box and the kart dis-assembly and packing.

Please ask us about the different shipping methods, related costs and details so we can help you choose the best shipping method for you.

Note for our pre-owned kart customers:
Karts from Italy arrive at our shop as a kit. They do not come fully assembled and thus the boxes are not manufactured to fit a turnkey sprint racing kart.  If you are purchasing a pre-owned kart, we will have to dis-assemble the kart back to the same level as they arrive to us, to fit it all back in the box. This requires several hours of work as compared to the pallet shipping method. Thus there is an additional fee if you choose this method of transport.